About Us

We use elements of nature, the four seasons, parks and gardens, oceans and skies, animals and laughter, kisses and hugs to make every piece of clothing a modern, stylish treat. Each piece is uniquely designed for comfort, fashion and fun, making little ones supremely huggable wherever they are in life.


How do we do this? By connecting children with and immersing them in the environments in which they live and explore.


Representing the boundless curiosity and bravery of young children, as well as the joy and abundance of tireless exploring, BabeHug strives to foster the warmth and sense of belonging that children need in their daily lives.


BabeHug is an affordable premium brand for young children, designed thoughtfully for ages 6 months to 6 years. We offer fashion-conscious parents and partners a quality clothing choice of exceptional value and on-trend design.